In February 2015 I started up a new tour company "Odonatours" to offer trips aimed at those wanting to find and photograph dragonflies and damselflies around the world. Odonatours will be led by experienced tour-leaders together with a relevant identification consultant. It is a great chance to travel in the company of the great names on modern odonatology and see a lot of great species to boot.

We will be offering two or three tours a year. Plans for tours in 2016 may well involve Uganda, Madagascar and/or Northern Thailand but all are at the planning stage at the moment. Additionally we will be offering 'at-cost' recce tours for small groups to future tour destinations. These will necessarily be more informal and more ad hoc, but may well appeal to those on a tighter budget.

Click this link if you want to know more and it will direct you to the Odonatours website.

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