Monday, September 8, 2014


Had 40 minutes at Klarningen this afternoon, as I drove over the hill it was obvious that many migrant passerines have gone south for the winter over the last week. Klarningen was rather quiet too with just a greenshank (1), snipe (12), wheatear (2) and whinchat (3).

Thursday, September 4, 2014


2K white-tailed eagle over Klarningen this morning

Had an hour at Klarningen part of a bid to take a day off from the roof and try and get over the virus that has been dogging me for weeks. A white-tailed eagle perched up for a while was the easy highlight of the session which also included little grebe (1), shoveler (1) and ruff (4). Rather quiet.

Monday, September 1, 2014

roof birds and a BK tick

Been on the roof again this week but most of the hammering and noisy machine work is finished and so the ear-defenders are off and I have become a birder again. Birds have been on the move this week with migrants obviously passing over the house most mornings. Crossbills and hawfinches have been regularly heard and in amongst them I have had the toy-trumpet call of the two-barred crossbill on two occasions. Not bad.

My weekly visit to Klarningen today ended with a single penduline tit call coming from the poolside willows behind the tower just as I had to leave to pick up the kids. A BK tick nonetheless. Otherwise plenty of wildfowl on site but the afternoon light made going through them problematical. Waders present included ruff (22), wood sandpiper (3) and green sandpiper (1). Passerines on the gorund included yellow wagtail (3), whinchat (7) and wheatear (5).

Monday, August 25, 2014


Still busy re-roofing the house but had 30 minutes at Klarningen this afternoon and year-ticked pochard at last (single male), which took me to 195 in BK for the year. Will I Get to 200? En route over Hallandsåsen there were notable numbers of migrant passerines including yellow wagtail, whinchat, pied flycatcher and red-backed shrike. Klarningen was full of water and had a a good number of wildfowl and a few waders. Other than the pochard other notables included shoveler (1), ruff (3), green sandpiper (1), wood sandpiper (2), greenshank (2) and redshank (2).

Monday, August 18, 2014

wader go

 My first grey plover of the year...

With rain forecast for most of the day I stayed off the roof and went birding instead. Been a while. Torekov was the obvious location as a number of potential wader year-ticks have been recorded there recently, the best of it being two broad-billed sandpipers. It took me a while to nail the main flock of waders down but I found a couple of sanderling on the beach and had three curlew sandpipers briefly whilst I was searching. The wader flock also contained a grey plover, a little stint, two broad-billed sandpipers and three knot. Ended the session with six year-ticks!

Nearby at Norra Ängalag it was pretty quiet, just 8 dunlin but evidence of passerine migration with showy redstart and spotted flycatcher available.



more broad-bill

In the afternoon I engineered some time at Klarningen. Waders here too with spotted redshank (1), ruff (3), dunln (1), wood sandpiper (2) and green sandpiper (1) being the best of it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

lesser spot

Still busy on the roof but managed a calling lesser spotted woodpecker from the breakfast table this morning. An overdue BK year-tick.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Still busy putting a roof on the house and in the longest spell of non-birding since I met Mrs B all those years ago. That said I could not fail to notice the two nutcrackers that flew over the car at Sinarpsdalen today. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

quick look at Klarno

Had a quick look at Klarningen at midday. Quite a lot of water on site and the cattle are on. The place looks great for waders but not much happening. 19 oystercatchers was a big total and an osprey left the site as we arrived with a big garfish in it's talons and was the highlight of the twenty minutes.

Monday, July 14, 2014

more long-tailed skua

Got a little closer to long-tailed skuas on one of our walks in Lapland. Great birds.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

long-tailed skua

Enjoying a hot and sunny tour of Swedish Lapland at the moment. Good to be back in the field after working hard on the house since I got back from Romania. This long-tailed skua was the easy highlight of yesterday.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

back early (20140611)

Arrived home in disarray early from my Romanian tour after a terrible time with sinusitis and my teeth! A series of misdiagnoses, a root canal procedure and a huge bank holiday weekend in Romania derailed my attempts to get proper treatment and in the end I reluctantly flew home in an appalling state. All well now though and on antibiotics and the trip to the dentist this morning confirmed that I should be OK.

After the dentist's I sat around at Klarningen for an hour. Spotted redshank (3) were new for the year and there were also plenty of green sandpiper (16) and wood sandpiper (6) around. Return passage begins. Also on site at least two little ringed plover, 16 male teal and fledgling reed buntings.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

hot and windy

 Dragonflies were the order of the day, despite the windy conditions and the fact that I would probably of been better off birding! My first Coenagrion puella were on the wing at a number of sites.

Out and about again today in the hot sun and windy conditions. Hit Drängstorp first hoping for Coenagrion armatum but instead had to settle for a huge emergence of Coenagrion lunulatum and my first Leucorrhinia rubicunda for the Atlas square.

 Coenagrion pulchellum

Next stop was Boarp, which was disappointing as the  water level in the ordinarily shallow and very good fourth pond was way up. Did get more puella here though and Coenagrion pulchellum, but very small numbers and no sign of any emergence at the site.

 Hovs Hallar produced at least seven migrating honey buzzards in a one-hour watch

Hovs Hallar for an hour in the middle of the day was good for honey buzzards (seven through) but the hoped-for rosefinches failed to sing. After lunch I had a quick look at the pool at Lönhult but it was too exposed for a reasonable odo-survey.

 Mute swan

Last stop of the day was another speculative listen for rosefinch at Öllövsstrand, again no joy, just a noisy thrush nightingale. The stars here though were two territorial map butterflies.

 Map butterfly

Driving out I glimpsed a male black redstart around the farm buildings at Öllöv and Number 1 and I returned later finding the nest-site and watching both adults shuttling to-and-fro with food for the hungry chicks. Nice find.

Last bird of the day was perhaps the best find, a breeding pair of black redstarts feeding young at Öllöv