Monday, August 25, 2014


Still busy re-roofing the house but had 30 minutes at Klarningen this afternoon and year-ticked pochard at last (single male), which took me to 195 in BK for the year. Will I Get to 200? En route over Hallandsåsen there were notable numbers of migrant passerines including yellow wagtail, whinchat, pied flycatcher and red-backed shrike. Klarningen was full of water and had a a good number of wildfowl and a few waders. Other than the pochard other notables included shoveler (1), ruff (3), green sandpiper (1), wood sandpiper (2), greenshank (2) and redshank (2).

Monday, August 18, 2014

wader go

 My first grey plover of the year...

With rain forecast for most of the day I stayed off the roof and went birding instead. Been a while. Torekov was the obvious location as a number of potential wader year-ticks have been recorded there recently, the best of it being two broad-billed sandpipers. It took me a while to nail the main flock of waders down but I found a couple of sanderling on the beach and had three curlew sandpipers briefly whilst I was searching. The wader flock also contained a grey plover, a little stint, two broad-billed sandpipers and three knot. Ended the session with six year-ticks!

Nearby at Norra Ängalag it was pretty quiet, just 8 dunlin but evidence of passerine migration with showy redstart and spotted flycatcher available.



more broad-bill

In the afternoon I engineered some time at Klarningen. Waders here too with spotted redshank (1), ruff (3), dunln (1), wood sandpiper (2) and green sandpiper (1) being the best of it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

lesser spot

Still busy on the roof but managed a calling lesser spotted woodpecker from the breakfast table this morning. An overdue BK year-tick.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Still busy putting a roof on the house and in the longest spell of non-birding since I met Mrs B all those years ago. That said I could not fail to notice the two nutcrackers that flew over the car at Sinarpsdalen today.