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I also lead private tours when I can shoe-horn them into my busy schedule! I have led successful private trips to Uganda (2) and peninsula Malaysia (1) recently and I am very keen to return to places I know well in pursuit of yet more wildlife. I am particularly keen to lead focussed tours after birds, Odonata or amphibians.

All trips are organised through ground-agents I know personally or who come very highly recommended by people I trust.

Some examples of tours that I have been asked to scope out recently:

  • 16 days at Eagle's Nest/Nameri/Kaziranga in NW India for birds. A group of 6-10 people would pay around €3000 each (not including international flights and one internal one c€265).
  • 14 days in Northern and Central India after tigers and a little sight-seeing - sight-seeing Delhi/Taj Mahal/the spicy erotic temple at Khajuraho and then a week at the famous Bandhavgarh tiger reserve. Expect to pay around €2750 plus flights.
  • 14 days in Peninsula Malaysia, taking in the now well-worn but still excellent wildlife tour-circuit to the ancient rainforests of Taman Negara, the upland forest of Fraser's Hill and the mangroves of Kuala Selangor. Expect to pay around €3000 per person (plus flights).
  • 16 days in Uganda bird and mammal watching. A chance to see the marvelous shoebill, as well as a day tracking mountain gorillas and a day in the compnay of a group of habituated chimps. Fantastic. Expect to pay around €4500 per person (plus flights).
  • currently looking into organising a dedicated trip for the lemurs of Madagascar, anyone interested?
So there are just some examples. Private touring is a great way to travel. If you have a small group ready-made and know what you want to do please get in touch and I will give you a price. With 4-6 people it is invariably cheaper than going with an established operator (no overheads...) and you will have a hand in designing the itinerary at the planning stage to get the trip you want. I can be reached on phil.benst01[at]

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