Saturday, November 27, 2010

Feeder magic

With Mrs B pulling an extra shift to pay for Christmas, I was kid-heavy and car-light today. No chance to bird the coast. Despite this I managed two good birds, the first was a hawfinch skulking near the feeder in the garden. They fly over but seldom actually visit. Near Förslöv we watched a goshawk try and catch a duck (off a small stream) and then fly off being mobbed by a hooded crow. In the old days I would have been satisfied with hawfinch and goshawk after a day in the Brecks...

All I could get of the hawfinch today. My first this month, quiet a few went south through Falsterbo this autumn and they seem scarce around here at the moment.

Another harsh weather visitor to the feeders is the yellowhammer, as soon as it snows they arrive in small numbers.

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