Thursday, January 5, 2012

First day

Both BK and us were knocked about by the storm yesterday. We were on a ferry in the North Sea enjoying the aftermath of the biggest winter storm for some time, meanwhile birders in BK were enjoying a seabird spectacular that it was shame to miss.

Got out late and somewhat groggy for a quick look at Båstad this morning, no sign of any leftovers here in very calm but wet conditions. Met up with Mikael and Håkan, who had seen a pomarine skua and chiffchaff at Kattvik earlier on. I got the year list to 29 before I headed home, highlights were perhaps 8 (or more) long-tailed ducks and two Slavonian grebes. Plenty of red-throated divers going past and you have to wonder if if something good might not come out of all this wild weather later in the year. There is a Ross' gull loose somewhere already...

In the afternoon we did a short walk around the Killeröd loop, damp snow was falling and all we recorded were some calling goldcrests. Driving out we had the first siskins of the year and that was the end of a rather less than inspiring first go at year-listing in 2012. The weather is set to improve tomorrow, so should see more.

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