Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Showed the kids the medicinal leeches at Ilasjön this afternoon, they preferred the dragonflies...

The sun shone this afternoon for a change so we lumbered out for a BBQ at Ripagården. No bird action here but we recorded the first Brachytron for the Dragonfly Atlas square at Ilasjön, so all was not lost and the sausages tasted good in the sun. The kids enjoyed the horror of the huge medicinal leeches here.

Spurred on we walked around Petersberg next, just one Cordulia flying here amongst the commonplace damsels. Nearby Klarningen produced three male garganey, a pair of shoveler and a couple of greenshank. The coots have hatched off young and the place was full of young birds. No sign of any redshank or little ringed plover chicks yet though.

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