Monday, October 8, 2012

another half-hour at Klarningen

Ignoring the stream of good seabirds reported during the day I knuckled down and got my tour report finished off and all the other miscellaneous paperwork done. Then I did the weekly shop, stopping on the way back to enjoy the guilty pleasures of half an hour at Klarningen when I should have been seawatching. Nothing wind-blown to report at a rather quiet site today.

The access road had the best of it with a dunlin and a ruff amongst the small pools on the fields and a large flock of 400+ chafflings (about 50:50 chaffinch/brambling). Looks very good for the booting up Lapland buntings - perhaps later in the week... Fifty teal were new in but the wigeon flock has declined to 33. Tomorrow the weather looks good for seawatching so I may get some seabirds in after all.

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