Saturday, June 8, 2013

on yer bike for BK river warbler

Thanks Mats!

With the car still at the menders with a f***ed clutch we have been stuck at home enjoying a four-day bank holiday weekend, ie doing all the things around the house and garden that get successfully ignored most of the time.

As a result I have been kinda hoping for a quiet weekend birdwise but the peace and calm was shattered yesterday when Mats L found a river warbler at Slottet. I was tempted to go last night but Mrs B persuaded me to go in the morning and despite nearly herniating myself on a bike I managed the 5 km before 0630 and got the bird. It was singing very sporadically on arrival but eventually showed well and got into some sustained bouts of singing. Dream bird in BK laid to rest and back to the gardening...

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