Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Odonata - Pyrenees

With just three species of Odonate recorded during working hours on a recent trip to the Spanish Pyrenees, I eventually cracked and went out one evening exploring and found a small reservoir (Balsa la Estanca) above Bailo that satisfied my Odo-needs. This Sympetrum fusca male was my first in Spain. [A full list of the Odonata recorded on the tour follows these photos]

My only odo-lifer of the tour came in the form of this splendid Coenagrion scitulum, a long overdue addition to my list.

Another Spanish first for me was Erythromma lindeni

A few Sympetrum fonscolombii were also my first in Spain

An encounter with Gomphus pulchellus at Balsa la Enstanca was my first in many years and most welcome.

Odonata recorded in the Spanish Pyrenees between 25th June and 2nd July 2013

Common winter demoiselle
Sympecma fusca
Two males at Balsa la Enstanca.
Erythromma lindeni
A few at Balsa la Enstanca.

Ischnura spp.
A few at Balsa la Enstanca.
Dainty damselfly
Coenagrion scitulum
Two males at Balsa la Enstanca.
Common bluet
Enallagma cyathigerum
Small numbers at Balsa la Enstanca.
Yellow clubtail
Gomphus simillimus
One at the Atares junction stream for Bruce and Mary only...
Western clubtail
Gomphus pulchellus
A few males at Balsa la Enstanca.
Anax imperator
Small numbers at Balsa la Enstanca, including an egg-laying female.
Broad-bodied chaser
Libellula depressa
Pair on roadside runnel high up the Hecho Valley.
Black-tailed skimmer
Orthetrum cancellatum
One male at Balsa la Enstanca.
Southern skimmer
Orthetrum brunneum
Single male along the Aragon River on the afternoon of the first day.
Red-veined darter
Sympetrum fonscolombii
Small numbers at Balsa la Enstanca. One at Casa Sarasa on the last day.

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