Sunday, May 4, 2014

postcard from Öland

The last weekend in April saw us all on a long weekend in Öland. I love this island in the spring. Things were fairly quiet for us however, although a few days before a Caspian plover had been present... The best bird we had was a pectoral sandpiper. Number 1 and I did a pre-breakfast bird walk one morning and driving back we overtook this excellent red kite.

Wrynecks were singing at a few locations, we found this one whilst searching unsuccessfully (again!) for smooth snakes.

 We stayed at Stenåsabadet, which was quiet for migrants in the rather bitter NE wind but we did find this female collared flycatcher on the last morning.

On our way off the island we stopped at a small reservoir near Skogsby and enjoyed the Sympecma fusca.

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  1. Hey Phil. Cool blog. I was in Sweden in April 2014, staying with friends in Vreta, near Uppsala, for four days. Loved it to bits - very keen to get back. I was hoping to see a Black Woodpecker when there, but alas. How common are they in Sweden? I've been birding since the mid-80s. I'm up to 170 species for my home town 2hrs south of Sydney. Lorne Johnson, NSW, Australia.