Friday, February 27, 2015

a rare twitch nets a tick

Male ring-necked duck at close-range today at Halmstad, been a while since I saw this in Europe, my first in Sweden.

I had to go to Halmstad today as part of the rather drawn-out and expensive process of changing my driving license over to a Swedish version (something I should have done seven years ago...). Having been formally identified and photographed I was then able to visit a nearby ring-necked duck at the sewage works. Bonus Swedish tick. The bird was showing very well and had a supporting cast that included water rail (1), little grebe (1) and moorhen (2+). Amazingly I have not twitched anything off-patch since October 2011! Perhaps I should get out more.

Checked Klarningen on the way home and was excited to watch the 2K peregrine hunting jackdaws. Also here kestrel (1), shelduck (11), teal (20), lapwing (70). A flock of 22 goldfinch added a splash pf colour to an otherwise rather grey day.

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