Sunday, March 29, 2015

weird water pipit record

Heavy rain overnight. Checked Klarningen this morning before the rest of the team woke. Plenty of birds here with gadwall (2) and pintail (1), in amongst a number of teal (71) and wigeon (27). Breeding birds have arrived whilst I have been away with two pairs of curlew and a pair of redshank being new for the year. Also ringed plover (pair) and at least six coot on site. Five snipe will sadly not be staying to breed.

Went home over the hill to check for thrushes and found a nice newly-ploughed field at Hulrugered that produced mistle thrush (15), song thrush (5), redwing (3), lots of chaffinches and very strangely a single water pipit in summer plumage.

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