Saturday, April 11, 2015

springtime (20150410)

Great weather at the moment so I got out of the house to have a look around. It felt good but I actually managed to connect with very little during the session. Checked the coast between Torekov and Rammsjöstrand at various points hoping for some migrant passerines. Plenty of chiffchaff singing and dunnock have arrived in force too but not much else.

Otherwise highlights for this section of coast were a huge flock of 36 purple sandpiper (Torekovs rev), five scaup south (off Påarps mal), more green sandpipers (2) and a crossbill overhead at Burensvik. I had singing rock pipits at two locations, have I never noticed this spring phenomenon before or have the stayed later than usual [rock pipit does not breed on mainland BK but perhaps offshore on Hallands Väderö most years].

Having dealt with a family emergency over lunchtime we were back in the field in the afternoon briefly with a moorhen on the pools at Lindab in the village being my only year-tick of the day somehow! Checked Klarningen - for four shoveler and a green sandpiper and that was my day.

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