Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beast of the Decade Nomination No. 3

Tiger - yeah I know it is a cliche and hackneyed and on everyone's to do list before they die, but that is coz they are awesome. I never get tired of looking for them. Here is a video of a female I saw at Kanha this month from an elephant (hence the Blair Witch style cinematography). It had killed a wild boar for it's two cubs, when along comes Benstead and the world noisiest mahout (why do they have to shout, surely elephants have excellent hearing, their ears are big enough). The tigress was not best pleased needless to say and I have to say that I found this kind of tiger watching slightly intrusive. Mind you we failed to find one in a whole week using our jeep and skilled trackers so it is just as well we had the elephant option!

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