Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birding - 29/12/09

Another dusting of snow overnight and then more in the morning. Klarningen remains a frozen waste land, good only for things with hooked bills. I'll keep going until I get a great grey shrike I reckon.

Rather improbably I had an interview with the local newspaper this afternoon. I arranged to meet the journalist and photographer at Båstad, allowing the kids a play on the swings and allowing me to check a site which I have cruelly neglected of late. This proved to be a good idea as the sea was crowded with birds and it was hard to concentrate on the interview. Afterwards got to work trying to count all the various sea-duck, the biggest headache was a large mixed raft of tufted duck (140), scaup (70) and coot (90). In recent winters you might have got two coot at this site if you were lucky... Other birds noted included great crested grebe (6), whooper swan (26), common scoter (270), velvet scoter (10), long-tailed duck (6) and starling (12). One of the big headaches of having such a long length of coastline in BK is never quite knowing where the concentrations of sea-duck are at any one time. I need a micro-lite!

On the way home we dropped into Klarningen and a quick scan revealed only raptors - hen harrier (1), buzzard (2) and kestrel (1).

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  1. dont be tease waht was the interview about and did you do it in Swedish