Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Had a few hours in the field with the team today and elected to search for the regular wintering gyr falcon south of the patch. We headed for Farhult first, picking up seven grey partridges scratching about in the snow at Ranarp in BK on the way. Farhult was ice-bound and gyr-free but we did get close looks at two rough-legged buzzards.

Our next stop at Rönnen produced the goods within minutes of arrival, a superb adult gyr resting on the west end of the island. We drank it in and then it flew a short distance west (mega!) and landed on the ice out at sea. Nice encounter! We left it there to go to Sandön to find people twitching a gyr falcon... Are there two, or had it flown round to Sandön, or was it a late reaction to an earlier report? We could not stay to find out sadly and moved on with our non-birding chores.

The adult gyr on the sea-ice off Häljaröds hamn today. My digi-photography is appalling as usual. This was my best encounter with this bird at Rönnen by far. The underparts are always a good tell for this species when perched, like a peregrine whose bars have slumped downwards collecting at the flanks. Superb!

The bridge may be dismantled but the sea-ice is thick enough to allow access onto Sandön. Grytskären next and then Hallands Väderö!

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