Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A bright sunny morning had me out in the field like a shot. Checked Ranarpsstrand first hoping for an early wheatear. No luck, still early days for them, with none reported anywhere in Sweden yet. The rocks here did produce a few notable species such as the still-present pintail (male), single dunlin and curlew and two rock pipits.

Next I headed uphill to recce more dragonfly sites for the summer, I checked a little corner of BK near Venedike that I am not very familiar with. I got splendidly confused here finding several good-looking bogs, streams and a nice little lake. A black woodpecker called nearby but I still need to work on my whistled imitation... A grey wagtail flew over the canopy at one point, presumably a local breeder (?) and my first for some time. Checked the lake at Hålehallstugan next, still iced up, but a pair of confiding black woodpeckers scampering about by the side of the road made the trip up worthwhile.

Last gasp was a quick walk around the Killeröd loop trail. The best bird was a superb wren in the car park, amazingly a year-tick and a great reunion. No flocks contacted on the quick walk round, just two song thrushes and two mistle thrushes.

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