Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hungary round-up

More images from a successful 'bat' trip to Hungary, a surprisingly enjoyable tour.

Just one Sympecma fusca was found, a fresh adult female, in the middle of a beech forest!

Fuzzy wuzzy was an owl. The easy bird highlight of the trip was a superb male Ural owl watched hunting around a forest clearing at dusk, whilst our batmen set up the mist-nets. Amazingly this was a WP tick for me.

Agile frog was nice too.

Once we dropped into the lowlands at the end of the trip we had a chance to chase a few more dragonflies. Ephemeral wetlands produced this fine Aeshna affinis, as well as Lestes barbarus but we could not find macrostigma in the short time available at the best sites.

Our last new dragonfly was Crocothemis erythraea, common at a spot we broke down at on the way to the airport on the last morning!

Female Crocothemis.

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