Friday, May 11, 2012

grey plover

This lost-looking 2K little gull was resting at Torekov when we arrived.

Number 2 and I had a short session up the coast this morning. We started at Norra Ängalag, no sign of a big fallout here this morning sadly. On the 9th the car park trees were crawling with willow warblers, today almost total silence. An hour here produced a year-tick in the form of a (presumably) 2K grey plover slipping south. Otherwise it was rather quiet apart from a single honey buzzard over and a close singing thrush nightingale (not that quiet then!).

We moved to Torekov rev next. A 2K little gull was resting in the small bay at the base of the rev and a single turnstone remains. 120 barnacle geese flew through north, a peripheral flock of the huge movement of this species being reported through southern and south-eastern Sweden today.

On the way home we checked out Lönhult damm. This little pond surrounded by agriculture never fails to amaze me, this time we had great views of a female merlin and a feeding greenshank. Later whilst doing the school-run, I stopped for a harrier which proved to be ringtail hen harrier. Nice comparison with the pallid harrier of two days ago. Just need a Monty's now for the month!

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