Friday, August 31, 2012

bits and bobs

Exit stage left.

Yesterday, I managed a fit in a little birding into the working day. A quick look at Båstad harbour produced very little - six goosander. Spent my lunch break at Klarningen where there were quite a few passerines around; wheatear (5), whinchat (14) and reed bunting (3). A few waders around too, six ruff being the highlight. Later in Båstad a honey buzzard snuck through. Not seeing HB's in any numbers in BK so far this autumn.

Today I spent the hour after dawn at  Öllövsstrand, a few waders were present in the bay by the harbour, including 8 greenshank and there were a few common passerine migrants about. Later we all went to Sandön, a trawl through the available waders here produced little of note but we all enjoyed watching the fishing osprey here.

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