Saturday, February 2, 2013


A spring-like feel to the day had Mrs B and I out for a walk in the morning. We checked the coast between Vejbystrand and Ranarpsstrand. Highlights were rather sparse but included a Slavonian grebe (Stora Hult), three coot (annoyingly just off-patch at Vejbystrand) and at least four long-tailed duck off Grytskären. There seems to have been a dramatic increase in sea-duck numbers in BK and the recent report of a Steller's eider just north suggests that time would be well spent going through the flocks of eider and goldeneye massing offshore.

Later in the day we dropped in on Klarningen for rough-legged buzzard (1) and kestrel (1). Unbeknownst to us the gyr falcon was sitting on Torekov rev...

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