Saturday, February 2, 2013

falcon hunting finally succeeds!

Nipped out this morning for a last-ditch attempt to find the elusive BK gyr falcon. Reported just seven times since the first sighting on the 21st October it was not to be expected but somehow our paths finally crossed! I checked out Torekov rev first, it was empty of gyr falcons but did produced a calling dunnock and two purple sandpipers. White-tailed eagles were also much in evidence and I came a step closer to ticking all of BK's regular birders by adding Jonas Holgersson to my list.

Drawing a blank I decided to head for Norra Ängalag for a look at Tjällran. A huge white-tailed eagle was in residence on the island but no sign of a gyr. A year-tick black guillemot scooted north and then my attention was drawn to a panicky-looking group of mallards heading north close inshore. I was not suspicious for long because close behind them was a superb 2K gyr falcon which gave a nice close flyby and looked gorgeous in the 'scope. A BK tick! Will it become a regular fixture in the winter?

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