Wednesday, August 14, 2013

calidrids at last!

Dodged rain showers most of the day but wound up with five BK year-ticks for my troubles. The weather of the last few days suggested that waders might be on the ground in BK and the obvious place to look after my quick recce last week was Stora Hultstrand. Sure enough the rotting weed here had a nice gathering of waders including; bar-tailed godwit (1), curlew sandpiper (2), sanderling (2) and turnstone (4). All BK year-ticks. Also here grey plover (1), knot (13), redshank (9) and wood sandpiper (1).

After lunch I managed an hour at Klarningen. The harvested pea-field here was partially flooded and rammed with birds. Best of the lot were my first BK pintail of the year but also in attendance were ruff (11), snipe (12+), curlew (7), wood sandpiper (2), spotted redshank (4) and greenshank (10+).

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