Sunday, November 24, 2013

home again

Diagnosing myself with shingles an hour before leaving for the airport and a two-week tour of Madagascar was not ideal, but at least explained the way I had been feeling in the week leading up to departure. I visited a great doctor in the airport in Paris and had time to pick up a fistful of drugs the next day before flying. These drugs and the sheer excitement of being in the field on this fantastic island and in the incredibly knowledgeable company of Callan Cohen was enough motivation to be ready to go each morning.

A preview below of some of the birds recorded on day 2 of the tour in the Ifaty spiny forest showcases effectively the amazing bird fauna in Madagascar. Three new bird families on top of shingles and a hefty dose of opiates had me shambling about muttering to myself in no time flat. Mind-altering!

 Sickle-billed vanga - just epic!

 The amazing subdesert mesite - just weird.

Long-tailed ground roller a species that should be on every birder's bucket list.

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