Thursday, November 7, 2013

late birds

Had a very wet morning in the field this morning. Started off at Påarps Mal where the garden held a late male blackcap (my first November record in BK), mistle thrush (1) and bullfinch (3). Down at the sea there were a few passerines along the shoreline; meadow pipit (2), water pipit (1), rock pipits (6) and snow bunting (1). Offshore a single gannet and as I left a female hen harrier flew through.

Checking the coastline north produced a few teal and wigeon and there were five adult shags on the rocks off Torekov. The rev next in a downpour for a late lesser black-backed gull, my first BK bird in November. Last stop of the morning was an equally quick look at Norra Ängalag. More gannet (15), at least one kittiwake, another lesser black-backed gull and a snow bunting here.


  1. Six Rock Buntings surely deserves to be put in bold script ;-)

    1. hi simon, glad someone was paying attention... You will be unsurprised that I have changed 'buntings' to 'pipits', more in keeping with what was actually going on in the field at the time