Thursday, October 9, 2014

another hour at Klarningen

Cranes over Klarningen (with a pair of barnacle geese), part of a flock of 425+ resting in the area after strong easterly and south-easterly winds after the last few days.

There has probably never been a better October to bag a BK yellow-browed or Pallas' warbler but I am stuck working on the house as usual... Hopefully I will have finished soon but I fear it may cost me a Sibe.

An hour at Klarningen was great though. So many birds present. The fields either side of the track had a mobile flock of waders that included 350 lapwing and 40+ golden plover. From the tower there were at least 1000 greylag geese and in amongst them I managed to count two tundra beans, one taiga bean, 11 white-fronts and 63 barnacle geese. Not a bad haul.

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