Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Klarningen dusk

Had an hour-and-a-half at Klarningen at the end of the day with number 2, whilst number 1 socialised nearby. We found a big flock of plovers along the access track - 350 lapwings and 50 golden plover. The corvids were up in the air when we got to the tower and we did not have to wait long before the reason appeared. A massive adult white-tailed eagle lumbered into the air with a hugely distended crop, it had obviously been feeding on something, and flew off south.

Red kite getting the treatment from some jackdaws

Water levels were up nicely after all the rain and duck numbers continue to increase here with wigeon (111), teal (195) and a single shoveler. Two red kite and a single rough-legged buzzard were nice. Passerines were evident with goldcrests calling from the nearby willows and a small flock of redwing on the ground and in amongst 350+ starlings. The big surprise though was the continued presence of the 1K curlew sandpiper.

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