Monday, January 19, 2015

Routine wildfowl count - Dagshög to Torekov - and a day's end stunner

Time for the January wildfowl count, a great excuse to get out of the office. The weather was pretty unpleasant though with light slushy snow falling throughout, so in the end I was pretty pleased to get back indoors at lunchtime! The upside though was almost no wind, the resultant quiet was eery after all the windy weather we have been experiencing.

Kicked off at Dagshög and coshed off the American black duck quickly, the only bird of note, although there were two whooper swans on the pool here.

At Påarps mal I picked up a redwing for the year in the summer house garden and this was the only good bird here. Moving on swiftly I counted the sewage works area and then hit Torekov. I parked up overlooking the rocks favoured by wintering shag (2 today) and immediately heard a chiffchaff. I had never recorded a winter chiffchaff in BK until this winter but this bird was my fourth of the season. It eventually showed well and I got on with the final stretch of the count.

After 'work' I checked Torekovs rev and was pleased to find the early shelduck that appeared on the coast last week. Also here a single dunnock feeding on the seaweed banks and at least six purple sandpipers.

In the afternoon I bumped into a small flock of waxwing ine the village on my way to pick up the kids from school. Dusk found me at Lya ljunghed, a flyby jay was new for the year but amazingly I think I heard the advertising call of a lynx!!!

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