Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birding - 06/07/09

With the family and the car back, painting was put on hold and we headed out to do some shopping and birding. Checked out Hasslarp on the way back from Helsingborg. Fairly quiet here, waders were OK though with green sandpiper (4), wood sandpiper (4), ruff (3), ringed plover (2) and little ringed plover (1). A pair of sedge warblers were busy feeding young. Odonata in the air included Coenagrion puella, Anax imperator and Orthetrum cancellatum.

En route to Rönnen stopped at the river near Välinge for loads of Calopteryx splendens and a few Aeshna grandis. Rönnen was also OK for waders with avocet (3), greenshank (1), spotted redshank (2), wood sandpiper (7), common sandpiper (2), ruff (3) and dunlin (10).

After shopping in Ängelholm went out to find it pouring with rain. At least one wheatear was knocked down by the rain and fed by the car.

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