Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birding - 12/07/09

Small copper Lycaena phlaeas - lovely butt

Lots of meadow browns Maniola jurtina on the wing at the moment

Nipped out for a beach BBQ this evening. Commander Nutbeam and I were dropped off first at Ranarpstrand and had a great little half hour here. Best of it was a close adult Temminck's stint, the supporting cast included greenshank (2), redshank (3), green sandpiper (7), wood sandpiper (1), common sandpiper (4), dunlin (1), whimbrel (1) and curlew (1). Nearby at Grytskaren we had a nice turnstone (only my third of the year) as well as more common sandpiper (4) and another dunlin.

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