Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birding - 11/07/09

Slipped out mid-afternoon whilst the kids went to buy their Saturday sweets... Spent an hour at Klarningen - quiet here with curlew (2), green sandpiper (3), common sandpiper (1), lapwing (60), ringed plover (pair) and little ringed plover (pair).

Next stop was half an hour at nearby Frestenfalla, here some dragonfly pools are always worth checking and today was great. Plenty of damsels with Lestes sponsa, Coenagrion hastulatum and a single Pyrrhosoma nymphula. Big dragonflies were represented by an excellent Leucorrhinia rubicunda, lots of Leucorrhinia dubia, Libellula quadrimaculata, Sympetrum danae and a single Aeshna (prob juncea).

Plenty of Coenagrion hastulatum on the wing today

Sympetrum danae was present in good numbers as tenerals, just one adult located

Leucorrhinia rubicunda, just one present in amongst plenty of dubia. Note the blackish pterostigma, pale costa and the pattern along the abdomen.

A Leucorrhinia dubia for comparison.

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