Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another phalarope!

A rainy hot-dog grilling session at Grytskaren with the kids produced a few birds. The little bay at Lervik had waders again; greenshank (2), ruff (3), knot (8) and dunlin (1). Nearby at Grytskaren were more knot (16), bar-tailed godwit (10), greenshank (1), common sandpiper (2) and ringed plover (3). Ranarpstrand was quiet but muppets were scaring off the birds again...

Red-necked phalarope again! They're like blooming buses - my third BK bird in three weeks. The first was a blatant twitch, the second might have been self-found, but this one was all mine. Nice find and great to get at Klarningen. It was feeding avidly and evidently finding plenty to snack on.

After tea I nipped out, supposedly for a short session at Klarningen. Almost the first bird I looked at was a red-necked phalarope! After two years with none on the patch this was my third in three weeks and self-found finally. I rang out the news to Martin Åkesson in neighbouring Laholm, as I thought he might be interested and he said he would come down. So I stuck around to meet him. In the interval I crept up on the phalarope until it was feeding just two meters away. Magic stuff. Had a good natter with Martin when he arrived but we were forced to leave the site by a vicious little squall. Other birds here during the session included ruff (4), golden plover (30) and ringed plover (1).

Klarningen just gets better and better...

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  1. Hi Phil,

    Good find. And a cracking photo, too!