Thursday, September 24, 2009

Biebzra update - Poland

Management problems at Biebzra are being solved with some serious machinery. This tracked cutter and trailer had several of us drooling and reaching for our cameras. Some consolation for the fact that the management work had scared away all the wildlife.

Just finished two days at the incomparable Biebzra Marshes in NE Poland. Just like Bialowieza Forest this is a must-see destination for the serious naturalist. At this time of year we chase elk, look for eagles and enjoy the landform and geomorphology. We had great views of three elk (male, female and yearling) close to the road at Osowiec. Eagles appeared suddenly on Day 2 after a few distant false starts and we got great views of two spotted and one lesser spotted eagle. At one fish pond we watched an osprey being deprived of its catch in mid-air by a wily white-tailed eagle.

Raft spider (Dolomedes fimbriatus) - both this species and plantarius are easy to see in Poland.

Penduline tit - we had a close encounter with these charismatic little passerines. Plenty of old nests found too.

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