Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birding - 11/11/09

Dropped the kids off this morning and headed out into the drizzle and cold for a four hour session. The aim being to try and rehabiliate my legs, which have atrophied after two weeks of Landcruiser-based mayhem in Namibia. Missed the sun, but good to be walking again.

Hit Påarps Mal for a quick look, just one adult shag in the roost, but a water pipit nearby was my first of the season. Other birds of note were 12 starlings over (apparently most have gone now, along with the skylarks) and one whooper swan over. A quicker look at the sewage works revealed less, just 7 teal.

Torekov rev was better though with a skulking purple sandpiper, that probably was alone rather than sulking away from a flock. Other birds here included redshank (5), common scoter (2) and velvet scoter (1). Driving across to Klarningen had a flock of 20 lapwing over the road at Hov - the only birds seen during the session. Lots of stuff has apparently left in my absence.

Klarningen was good as usual, water levels at an all time high, although a few field-drains have yet to be adequately disabled and water is still being lost from the system. Raptors featured with hen harrier (female), rough-legged buzzard (1), sparrowhawk (1) and kestrel (1) all present. But the easy highlight was an unbelievable total of 54 snow buntings - they are obviously on the move at the moment. Other notables included two short-necked but silent geese through south (rats!), snipe (1), great spotted woodpecker (1), treecreeper (1), goldfinch (1 south) and siskin (45). Despite the high water levels just 15 wigeon and three teal on site.

Picked the kids up and took them for a run around at Båstad for an hour. Whilst they wolfed down biscuits and juice I had five minutes looking out to sea for gannet (1), black-throated diver (1) and great crested grebe (3). Good day and great to be back on patch.

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