Monday, November 9, 2009

Welcome home!

Number 1 joined me in bed this morning and we had a great chat about what she had been doing during my absence. I glanced casually at the clock to discover I had just 44 minutes to get them to their day-care centre. URR-RUR-GUH! With Mrs B's early morning reminder to make sure I got Number 1 there on time for a theatre visit ringing in my ears, we ate breakfast, dressed and got everything sorted, loaded all three into a big pram and ran down the road. I looked at my watch as we arrived and was pleased to discover that we had arrived exactly an hour early...

I guess Mrs B had neglected to change my alarm clock when the clocks went back during my recent trip... After 'yesterday's' 40 hour journey from Walvis Bay to southern Sweden, it was no surprise I did not notice, although I was surprised that dawn was so late. As I walked back I was not too tired to notice a high, south-bound black woodpecker flying silently past. The news of a black-throated accentor the day after I left for Namibia was just typical, only the second record for Sweden and a cracking bird too, that weather system I rated highly before I left had delivered the goods.

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