Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving - 26/11/09

One of the things to be thankful for is ring-reading (I love it) - I got close to a leg-flagged purple sandpiper on the 21st at Torekov, it was almost certainly ringed at Sørkappøya, Svalbard this autumn by Kjell Mork Soot. Get in touch with him if you manage to read the code on a flagged bird ( I failed to relocate the flagged bird today...

I suppose I should be thankful for the swine flu vaccination provided yesterday by a cautious and considerate Swedish government, but I feel rough as dogs today! With no meaningful DIY likely, I sat at Torekov rev for an hour and a half this morning and had a great session. Three shags were fishing in a tight gang just offshore. My first rev Slavonian grebe was bobbing about in the waves. A stiff southerly was blowing and flying into it, occasionally dipping into the water to feed, was a sublime adult winter little gull. Further out a few gannets (7) were fishing and a steady progression of kittiwakes headed south (at least 150 during the session). My main aim was to try and find the flock of purple sandpipers that had included a leg-flagged bird on the 21st, but I could only find two birds, both unmarked. At least 11 redshank kept them company. From the woods behind five parrot crossbills occasionally erupted, calling loudly. A brief foray inland failed to locate them sadly (very few cone-bearing pines on site).

On the way home, dropped in on Ripagården for an hour. Much quieter here, but did manage black guillemot (1) and reed bunting (1) - both scarce in November here.

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