Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birding - 02/03/10

Plenty of goosander on patch at the moment, this male was with a female at a potential breeding location.

Out the door again for some exercise and fresh air, our only solace at the moment. Stomped about in the snow in the woods between Frestenfälla and Älemossen, but very little noted. A jay called in the distance and a few blue tits were singing. Birds are hard to come by on the patch after nearly three months of snow on the ground. The track to Klarningen was still blocked so we headed to Kattvik next. Very quiet here too, good numbers of great crested grebe (12) offshore, but nos sign of any scoters and just 35 eider.

Later in the day Mrs B and I had a quick walk at Hemmeslövstrand, where there was no sign of yesterdays buildup of goldeneye in a a biting westerly. On the way home drove up Sinarpsdalen and had a pair of Canada geese on the ground in the valley mire. Hard to spend so much time in the field without seeing something good, but we managed to do it today!

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