Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stuff is moving

Got out on my own this morning about 2 hours after first light for a thrash around the Halland part of BK. Kicked off at Eskilstorpsstrand for an hour to see what was moving. A lot of wildfowl on the go with whooper swan (14), wigeon (31), teal (37), pintail (6) and tufted duck (4) all heading through. A few passerines over too, mostly chaffinches but also rock pipit (1), white wagtail (1), mistle thrush (1), a flyby chiffchaff and common crossbill and brambling heard.

Lots of cranes migrating today. These two were part of a total of 14 through Klarningen this morning.

Petersberg was still completely frozen over but a few birds moving through here too. Again mostly chaffinch but also white wagtail (2), mistle thrush (3), brambling and linnet. A singing chiffchaff here was nice and there were at least three more feeding along the river. Other residents included a host of reed buntings, a redpoll and a dunnock.

No surprises that Klarningen was next on the list. The thaw here is more-or-less complete and birds are dropping in. Wildfowl included shelduck (4), wigeon (4), teal (130) and goosander (5). Along the access track on on the pools were my first green sandpipers of the year, a total of 8 in all. Snipe (16), white wagtail (1) and linnet (20) are back on site too. Fourteen cranes drifted through. Walking around I was able to view across to Eskilstorps dammar and find an amazing array of wildfowl; wigeon (6), teal (50), pochard (4), tufted duck (2) and best of all a superb pair of smew. Good morning out.

In the afternoon we all went out for a play at the seaside. En route Ljungbyholm had a good flock of golden plover (136) and 13 whooper swans. Ranarpstrand was quiet but did have gadwall (3), white wagtail (2) and the first wheatear of the year. Up at Segelstorpsstrand a single Slavonian grebe was close in and Number 1 pointed out a flock of 16 cranes going north.

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