Monday, May 3, 2010

Birding - 03/05/10

Tried Eskilstorpsstrand again for an hour this morning, got there nice and early but nothing moving on the diver front, did they all leave yesterday? Made do with a whimbrel and five long-tailed ducks and then got too cold and moved on to Klarningen. Klarningen is drying out at a rapid rate but produced a few wetland birds including whooper swan (1), little ringed plover (1), another whimbrel (heard only) and the almost resident lone greenshank.

Took the team out for a walk across Älemossen before lunch. Highlights were singing cuckoo and a female red-backed shrike (easily my earliest bird here). Frustratingly played hide-and-seek with a possible wryneck. Birds really buzzing up here now with lots of blackcap, pied flycatcher (first females of the year) and tree pipits.

After lunch I took Numbers 1 & 2 to the beach and we had a nice hen harrier (female) in-off, which was pursued by various birds until out of sight. At the end of the day we had a quick walk at Ripagården, no sign of the wryneck reported yesterday and just one grey-headed wagtail of note.

Throughout the day though it was evident that a huge volume of birds had arrived overnight or are transitting through BK. Blackcaps and lesser whitethroats were everywhere, the latter often giving away their presence with that crazy little sub-song they do.

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