Friday, May 14, 2010


With the lucky underpants freshly laundered and starched and back on, what if anything was going to happen today. Well I started with my first lie-in this month and then instantly regretted it when I realised there had been a deluge of dotterel late yesterday along the west coast. There would never be a better chance to get one in BK...

I quickly headed out to work some of the bigger fields in the Halland part of BK, but the wheat was up and growing and apart from the harrowed bit at Klarningen, I could not find any suitable habitat. Whilst I was doing this Martin Ekenberg rang to tell me there was a trip of 16 dotterel just 900 metres outside BK on the other side of the ridge (nice one Henrik!). I stuck it out though and checked all the fields and was rewarded with my first Klarningen avocet, which dropped in from on high, calling as it came.

Arriving finally at the dotterel site, I was staggered to find a 2K female Montagu's harrier quartering the fields in front of me. A Swedish tick and further proof of the power of the pants! The trip of dotterel took a little longer to find but we were soon watching them too. They are always good to see in spring and incredibly they constituted another Swedish tick! I will be able to join Club 300 one day at this rate!

Perfect spring dotterel field, if only there had been a field like this in BK this spring I might have been a contender. Still 16 dotterel is an impressive number (a NW Skåne record apparently) and if I turned round I could see the one-true kommun which was strangely comforting and slightly galling at the same time. How long will I have to wait to get Montagu's harrier and dotterel on the patch?

Giving Mrs B the afternoon off I took the kids swimming. On the way home we dropped into Klarningen for 20 minutes. No sign of the avocet (no feeding opportunities I suspect at this stage, but they will breed next year I bet) but we had not been there five minutes when a white stork appeared over towards Båstad and slowly worked its way directly overhead, slowly drifting north. BK tick number 232. Get in!

White stork going north over Klarningen, plugging away at this fledgling wetland is paying off.

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