Sunday, June 13, 2010

A spring (?) day on Öland

What a monster! I haven't got a new camera this is one of Terry's. This singing male barred warbler was one of the highlights of the trip - an exciting first for both of us, despite our long collective history of seeing this species in the UK in autumn. Perched by the road we successfully stalked it down to ridiculously close-range in the car. A great moment.

A rather trying day weather-wise again today with very little rain but a very strong south-westerly winds that had Terry and I pretty frazzled by the end of play. First up was a trip to nearby Norra Lunden (Ottenby), where at least we could get out of the wind. Here we quickly got onto a superb male collared flycatcher and followed it up with a singing red-breasted flycatcher, which gave a few snatches of song and then shut up. We never saw it. Also here woodcock (1), lots of spotted flycatcher and about 8 common crossbills.

Moving to Södra Lunden we went for a short walk and heard a rosefinch. Just as we were despairing of seeing barred warbler and discussing the fact that we had not even heard a call, one rattled away behind us. It popped up briefly, a female. I looked for the Kentish plover again but thorough searching revealed nothing in the KP line but plenty of other waders; grey plover (5), black-tailed godwit (7), turnstone (3), spotted redshank (2) and knot (14). Also here barnacle goose (1), little gull (2 2K) and a few alcids and common scoter going past. Terry elected to chase more barred warblers and have another crack at the red-breasted flycatcher but the weather was not kind.

A short stop at Seby produced more knot (7), dunlin (2) and a moulting adult curlew sandpiper (with one leg). Also one little gull here. Next was the excellent little wetland at Hulterstad where we had at least four black terns, as well as our first gadwall (6) and pochard (1). Möckelmossen was windy with just a few more black terns (3) and our first whinchat. Driving on we had a rapid hobby past at Resmo, one of two today.

Beijershamn was ridiculously windy (Terry slept) but looked good for a (hopefully) quieter look tomorrow. At least 25 spotted redshanks here were a highlight but also impressive numbers of Anas ducks; wigeon (30), teal (70), gadwall (25) and shoveler (25). Also dunlin (2).

Driving south Terry’s rest had done him good as he plucked first red kite and then three cranes from the skies. Back at Ottenby we dipped the KP again and then heard of a possible steppe eagle around Kastlösa and dragged ourselves round on a rather pleasant circuitous transect. First up was a surprise goshawk and the red kite again at Kastlösa. We had an epic encounter with a male barred warbler at Gösslunda that saw the bird about 3 metres away from the car at one point. At Triberga we heard another rosefinch and we lastly we took the Lindby loop for a nice male Montagu’s harrier.

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  1. I managed to find you guys via the guestbook at the hostel! :) Shame on the weather we got but you really did get nice shots on the Barred! Bee Eater this morning but we too missed it.. Hope we meet again!
    Regards Kristoffer and Johanna from Alingsås