Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birding - 21/08/10

Nipped out to Torekov before breakfast. The rev was busy but many of the birds were roosting out of view and it was hard counting them. The highlight was my first patch sanderling of the year, other waders present including; grey plover (1), knot (8), curlew sandpiper (1), dunlin (36), ruff (1), bar-tailed godwit (3) and turnstone (1). A huge movement of tree pipits evident with perhaps 400 flying past in just over an hour. A few grounded tree pipit and yellow wagtail about too.

A pair of cranes south whilst we were at Klarningen this morning, plenty of other migrants on the move too.

Took the kids out of the house after breakfast to allow Mrs B to take it easy and recover from a nasty cold. Klarningen was the chosen spot and we had an entertaining two hours here. After all the recent rain and windy weather the water levels were up nicely and there were plenty of birds about. Big flocks of greylag (450), teal (180) and lapwing (250) contributed to the almost bustling feel to the place. The pintail flock has grown to nine birds and single shoveler was also present. Despite the good numbers of teal I could not find a garganey. A 1K goshawk entertained us, sitting up to be admired and occasionally sparring with hooded crows and a marsh harrier and also making more serious efforts to kill a common gull. Other raptors included up to five marsh harriers and two red kite. Two cranes drifted south and there were four whinchats on the fence. Waders were present in a reasonable variety and the raptor action ensured that most were flushed for views at some point or another. Hightlights included golden plover (1), Temminck's stint (1), ruff (1), snipe (10), curlew (8) and wood sandpiper (4).

Be nice to see Klarningen bank-full one day but things are moving on nicely, it is a delight to watch the gradual colonisation of the site by aquatic macrophytes and water quality seems good.

Before lunch we just had time to nip into Petersberg and look for a few dragonflies in the sun. We got eight species, including a single male Lestes virens (over-looked in the last three years evidently...), a nice male Aeshna cyanea and two late Libellula quadrimaculata. The kids enjoyed a big longhorn beetle we found (Aromia moschata).

Aromia moschata or musk beetle at Petersberg today.

Southern hawker (Aeshna cyanea), my first at Petersberg.

Two late Libellula quadrimaculata were flying at Petersberg too.

After lunch we headed out again this time to twitch a broad-billed sandpiper reported yesterday at Stora Hult. No problems with this bird, it was one of the few waders present at the site and good views were had. Walking on to Vejbystrand we were rewarded with close views of three 1K curlew sandpipers and a dozing 1K little gull. Last stop wasa quick look at Ranarpsstrand, a few waders here including; dunlin (2), snipe (6), spotted redshank (2), greenshank (4), green sandpiper (1) and wood sandpiper (9).

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