Saturday, September 3, 2011


Two dead guillemots at Torekov rev this morning and this one which did not look too clever.

Spent a couple of hours yesterday, with Mrs B and Number 2, looking at Påarps Mal and Torekov rev. Påarps Mal had a few grounded migrants including a nice garden warbler and several blackcap, whitethroat and redstarts. The coastline produced a flock of 210 golden plover, a ruff and ten dunlin.

The rev had more golden plover (60), six knot, five dunlin and a single guillemot (close in and looking un-oiled but poorly). A nearby freshly dead guillemot was emaciated.

In the afternoon we drove down to Falsterbo for a night's camping. We missed a cracking morning with multiple pallid harriers and both greater and lesser spotted eagles... But we did manage a few nice raptors in the closing hours of play including two 1K black kites going through together, a pallid/Montagu's juvenile and a nice selection of common raptor migrants.

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