Friday, February 3, 2012


Number 2 and I had a very chilly couple of hours in the field after helping a friend put up some plasterboard this morning. First stop was Kattvik where the Iceland gull and the chiffchaff gave themselves up quickly. The windchill was horrendous and the chiffchaff was pecking at the ground in the lee of the seawall. Surely it's days are numbered?

A quick walk around a slightly more sheltered Båstad produced very little, a flock of 100 brambling fed under some trees and then we checked Klarningen. Two white-tailed eagles sat up in the trees here and a rough-legged buzzard was present too. A flock of 100 starlings was a good-sized flock for the time of year.

The best bird of the day though came as we drove into town. At Ängeltofta we had excellent close views of a 2K golden eagle, complete with an entourage of crows as it flew towards BK. It flushed several skylarks as it went by, an added bonus year-tick.

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