Sunday, February 19, 2012


Things are moving and the snow is melting. Took the team to Grytskären for an hour this morning and we were greeted with a big flock of 50 starlings and nearly 100 fieldfare. Searching through the duck on the sea failed to produce a smew but did turn up 300 goldeneye. A subadult white-tailed eagle sat on a tall floe out in the frozen sea.

On the way home a quick look at the 'big field' at Ljungbyholm produced a flock of 35 Canada geese and a passing red kite.

Stuck at home in the afternoon finishing the last rarity descriptions for 2011... Meanwhile Olofsson was getting stuck into the fields near Eskilstorpsdammar and finding a small flock of woodlark and skylark. Birds are coming back and just as the thermometer creeps up above zero. How do they know?

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