Friday, February 17, 2012

Walking with the pink monkey

Took Number 2 on the walk out to Eskilstorps dammar this morning, chasing Jens' birds again. This time reed bunting was on the menu, a difficult winter bird here usually found in big finch flocks as it proved today. I was also hoping for a stock dove, this area seems to throw up winter records and it did today too!

The walk out on treacherous black-ice was fun for all and Number 2 soon warmed to the task in hand. We found the flock of finches, mainly chaffinch, quite quickly and picked out a nice male reed bunting when they flushed up into trees on the side of the field. A flock of spooked woodpigeon also produced the distinctive shape of a stock dove. Job done.

We walked on to the pools though and were rewarded with a nice half an hour with a great grey shrike, that sallied out from small trees and fenceposts nearby. Over the rank grassland area my first BK kestrel of the year hovered briefly. A productive session but over too quickly as we had to move onto mundane domestic chores...

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