Sunday, September 9, 2012


Still undone by flies, anyone know what this hump-backed beauty is?

Nipped out early in the morning for a good walk thrashing the area between Rålehamn and Ripagården. A few common migrants around but nothing obviously going on. The bird of the day was a superb female bluethroat in the rough vegetation around the stream mouth near the harbour at Ripagården. It showed well and was my first autumn bird in BK. More mysterious was the odd crake-like call emanating from the nearby reedbed here. If I knew how to embed an audio file, I would let you hear it. Will try and work out how to do it later.

Later we all went for a walk around the Killeröd loop, picking up the usual suspects; jay, willow and crested tit and hawfinch. But no sign of any nutcrackers today.

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  1. For the audio file I think your best bet would be to record (and embed) a blank video and just add the audio file as the soundtrack.I don't think blogspot allows you to embed audio so this is a workaround that I have used.