Saturday, September 8, 2012

less haste more birds

Spot the pec, I couldn't, I had to wait for Jan to find it!

Nothing quite went right today but I walked away with a nice BK tick all the same! Kicked off fairly early at Eskilstorpsstrand but did not last long, the wind had dropped a notch and backed a bit to the south, lowering my confidence. Needless to say my impatience cost me a long-tailed skua, which went through just after I left. A few little gulls were offshore and a sanderling was on the beach, otherwise it seemed quiet.

Checked Klarningen next quickly and went through the available waders for 45 minutes. A few present with totals of ruff (5), wood sandpiper (2) and greenshank (1). An all-dark marsh harrier was interesting. Heading home for breakfast with the team, I did not think I would be back at Klarningen quite so soon. But sensing a disturbance in the force I checked the Club 300 website to find that a pectoral sandpiper had been found. A BK first. Luckily on arrival Lars H was on the bird and we had a good look at it, it even called once in flight, and it then started behaving badly and ended up right on the other side of the big pool. Great bird and thanks go to Jan for finding it.

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