Sunday, January 13, 2013

more hawk owl

Looking stern

Back at Älemossen at midday. Better light today but the hawk owl was still wary and not very approachable. A calling black woodpecker nearby was a year-tick (still have not managed a great spotted yet). Also had a quick look at Klarningen, where the regular rough-legged buzzard performed but the ice is back and the place was very quiet otherwise.

It is hard not to get addicted to hawk owls...


  1. While you were out chasing Hawk Owls we were checking out Burrowing Owls in California. Even though a cold day for us 31 F at dawn 42 F when started out, it is relatively mild by your standards. Owl was quite cooperative and able to do good photos.

  2. Hi Phil, I feel I should warn you off Hawk Owl. Hawkie is one of the most addictive and dangerous highs on offer and requires an incredible amount of self control if you intend to only dabble in it. My advice is stay well clear. If you indulge too many times then there is no turning back – addiction will follow and then what will you do when the supply dries up and there is no more Hawkie available? I didn’t heed my own advice and whilst I currently have access to a good supply I fear the future could be tough.....